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Powering your potential, Summit Electric offers regular maintenance to ensure safe, functional, and long-lasting electrical products

What We Do

Industrial Installations

Summit Electric will retrofit and do any necessary upgrades to existing electrical systems to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance with modern standards. We will replace outdated components, add energy-efficient elements, and integrate smart technologies for remote control. This process ensures that older systems meet contemporary needs and regulations, improving functionality and safety.

Site Modernization

At Summit Electric, we specialize in various on-site activities our field experts perform to assess, maintain, repair, and optimize electrical systems. These services involve inspecting and testing equipment, conducting repairs, responding to emergencies, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. We also assist with commissioning new systems, upgrading existing ones, and providing consultations on energy efficiency. Through their expertise and field services, we play a critical role in enhancing electrical systems’ reliability, safety, and performance across many industries.

Overload Maintenance

Summit Electric will provide you with regular inspections, preventive upkeep, and prompt repairs of electrical systems in large-scale industrial settings like Processing facilities and manufacturing plants. Our main objectives is to prevent downtime, extend equipment life, and ensure safety. This includes scheduled checks, predictive maintenance using data analysis, emergency repairs, safety compliance assessments, and upgrades to modernize systems. Efficient industrial electrical maintenance is crucial for uninterrupted production, compliance with safety regulations, and optimal equipment performance. Our skilled technicians and engineers play a vital role in executing these practices effectively.

Communication Systems

Summit Electric offers comprehensive QAQC and Commissioning services for all electrical installations. Our team specializes in electrical commissioning, a crucial process that tests and ensures the proper functionality and safety of electrical systems within your project.

The mobilization phase prepares the groundwork, setting the stage for successful project execution. Commissioning follows, serving as a critical phase to validate system performance. These stages are essential in the electrical project life cycle, and we are equipped to engage at any stage, ensuring optimal results.

QAQC Commissioning & Start-Up

Summit Electric excels in providing specialized services for streamlined planned electrical shutdowns. With a focus on efficiency and safety, our adept team manages the entire process seamlessly, encompassing maintenance, repairs, and inspections. Our unwavering commitment to safety means you can trust us to carry out these operations with precision, minimizing any potential disruptions. By choosing Summit Electric, you’re opting for a partner dedicated to optimizing procedures and ensuring the utmost safety during every shutdown event.

Project Management

Summit Electric specializes in providing on-time comprehensive electrical project management services. With a focus on meticulous planning, efficient coordination, and precise execution, Summit Electric oversees every aspect of electrical projects from initiation to completion. Their expert teams define project objectives, create detailed plans, allocate resources, and manage timelines to ensure projects are completed within budget and in adherence to stringent quality and safety standards. Through their adept project management, Summit Electric ensures that electrical projects, whether involving installations, upgrades, or maintenance, are successfully delivered with optimal efficiency and excellence.

Industries We Serve

Power Generation

Power Generation



Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas



Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper


Field Services


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About Our Company

Summit Electric is an esteemed industrial electrical contracting company headquartered in the Interior of British Columbia, boasting regional offices in Kamloops and Quesnel.

Recognized for its relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to safety, Summit Electric excels in delivering top-tier planning, design, project management, construction, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems to clients in the Mining, Forestry, and Oil & Gas sectors.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, Summit Electric is dedicated to fostering enduring relationships with its clients, aiming to beat the forefront of technological innovation and setting industry standards as a true leader in the field.










Core Values

Embraces Change

Demonstrates an open, adaptable, and positive attitude towards change.

Proactively seeks out ways to innovate and make things better.

Committed to personal growth and evolution.

Focused on Safety

Encourages open dialogue to identify ways to further improve safety.

Promotes and personally follows all safety protocols.

Identifies and looks for ways to mitigate risk.

Goes Above and Beyond

Demonstrates a high level of dedication and strong work ethic.

Constantly pushes oneself and others to perform at a higher level.

Consistently exceeds expectations.

Developing and Helping Others

Provides developmental feedback, mentorship and coaching.

Focused on the collective success of the team.

Encourages others to be the best they can.

Leads with Integrity

Open and honest when interacting with others and making decisions.

Takes 100% responsibility for all actions and behaviors.

Does what’s right, not easy.

Field Services


Pioneers of the future

Summit is a leader and innovator in our field. We believe in creating new, groundbreaking ideas and adapting to changing circumstances.

QAQC and Commissioning


Combined strength

Summit has a unique and talented group of pioneers who work together. We are a powerful group that pools and leverages our knowledge and expertise towards your goals.

Field Services


Resourceful thinkers

The Summit team strategizes and adapts to your project. We make the most of what is available through solutions and collaboration.


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