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Summit Electric is the leading choice for field services, specializing in on-site tasks such as installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems.

Our skilled team uses advanced technology for smooth operations in various locations. We focus on industrial electrical installations, prioritizing safety and high standards in every project. With ongoing maintenance, Summit Electric ensures reliable systems, making us the trusted option for precise, efficient, and safe electrical services.

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At Summit, we specialize in comprehensive retrofitting solutions, dedicated to upgrading your existing electrical systems for improved safety, energy efficiency, and functionality. Our tailored approach encompasses the replacement of outdated components, installation of new infrastructure, and meticulous compliance with regulations. As retrofitting specialists, our skilled professionals are adept at developing customized plans and executing the retrofitting process with precision, ensuring a seamless transition to a modernized electrical system.

Our retrofitting services extend across various domains, including energy-efficient retrofitting, building retrofitting, and sustainable retrofitting projects. Summit’s retrofitting technologies and process prioritize delivering tangible benefits, enhancing the overall performance and sustainability of your electrical systems. Whether it’s commercial, or industrial electrical upgrades, we excel in electrical system upgrades, electrical panel upgrades, and electrical wiring upgrades. Choose Summit for trusted electrical upgrade services, where our dedicated specialists prioritize energy efficiency and the successful execution of retrofitting projects.

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Summit Electric is your dedicated partner for ensuring the ongoing safety, functionality, and longevity of your electrical systems through regular actions. Our comprehensive services cover preventive measures, facility upkeep, equipment care, and scheduled checks. With a focus on effective management, our skilled professionals develop customized plans to address your specific needs, including the replacement of outdated components, installation of new infrastructure, and strict compliance with regulations.

As experts in sustaining optimal performance, Summit Electric offers specialized solutions in industrial and building upkeep. Our meticulous planning ensures the seamless execution of preventive measures, enhancing the reliability of your electrical systems. Additionally, we provide expertise in planned shutdowns, industrial shutdown services, ensuring smooth transitions and maintaining the optimal performance of your electrical infrastructure. Trust Summit Electric for effective management, procedures, and support services tailored to enhance the longevity and efficiency of your electrical systems.

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Summit Electric, a premier communication services provider, specializes in delivering tailored business communication solutions with a focus on unified communication services. Our expertise extends to managing communication infrastructure, ensuring seamless voice and data communication.

Backed by advanced technology, we offer comprehensive and integrated communication network services. With customized service agreements, Summit Electric is committed to providing dedicated support and solutions for your specific communication infrastructure needs. Choose us for efficient and empowered business communication services.

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Summit Electric takes charge of your project site by efficiently organizing and deploying necessary resources. Our expertise extends to handling the commissioning process, ensuring rigorous testing and verification of electrical systems functionality.

In our commitment to quality, we offer comprehensive QAQC services, including inspections, protocols, procedures, compliance, standards, testing, audits, and documentation. For commissioning, Summit Electric provides services encompassing building commissioning, meticulous process management, inspections, adherence to protocols and standards, equipment commissioning, and the generation of detailed reports. Trust Summit Electric for seamless project execution, backed by robust QAQC practices and efficient commissioning services, ensuring the reliability and compliance of your electrical systems.

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Summit Electric is your partner for comprehensive project management services, expertly handling planning, coordination, and execution of electrical projects for successful completion. Our skilled project managers utilize advanced project management software and tools, implementing agile methodologies to adapt to evolving project needs.

We prioritize efficiency, transparency, and collaboration with stakeholders to deliver projects on time, within budget, and in adherence to specifications and safety standards. Trust Summit Electric for your project management needs, where our experienced team brings a wealth of skills, certifications, and tailored solutions.

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